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What we do

RISNOVA‘s mission is the constant development and commercialization of innovative, original and user-friendly IT programs of shift planning (like RisPlan) and time recording (as RisTime).

RISNOVA‘s ongoing research enables the company to rapidly adjust to the market demands. Our products undergo constant development to meet the customers’new needs for:

  • Mobile devices based access
  • Better usability
  • Increased user-friendly approach
  • Further help in resource planning, etc.

Research & Development are essential in RISNOVA. They not only allow the company to successfully confront competitors but also help it target the highest resource planning market requests.

Implementation of our software packages RisPlan and RisTime is carried out by our Partners, each of which has been carefully chosen for its reliability and experience.

Their skills meet the highest professional requirements of institutions such as hospitals, banks and public administration. RISNOVA‘s mission also implies fostering constant growth of its business Partners, thanks to continuous support in satisfying the customers’requests through Research & Development.