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The software module RisTime allows any company to check the employees’ access and working hours, managing presences and absences smoothly and easily.

RisTime is is a program developed with the help of the most recent technologies available.

Its compatibility with all communication standards and data interface allows it to fit any organisational need.

The RisTime package consists in two units:

  • The punch-in/ punch-out terminal
  • the central managing program, to be loaded and run on the customer’s computer or server.

Thanks to the use of advanced technologies both the installing and the updating of the software are carried out in an extremely fast and easy way.

Peculiar care has been put in allowing easy access to and management of information data.

Thanks to the essential and user-friendly graphic interface, all information can be corrected and rearranged with the commonly used “Cut&Paste” or “Drag&Drop” techniques.

The flexibility of the punch-in/punch-out terminal device adjusts simply not only to its actual functions but also to their future possible developments, thanks to its technical features, including: touchscreen, video camera, RJ45 network, Wi-Fi and WLan 3G connection.

Access to information is given in real-time as the employee punches in. The terminal displays on screen all the data relative to the employee: actual state, person’s shift, even possible punch-in/punch-out errors.

The employee too can also gain updated information on his attendance, absences or holidays records from the same terminal.

An additional HW unit can also connect and activate external relays to operate further devices.

General features

The RisTime software package not only offers the traditional default features of all staff access control systems (entry and exit recording, on-line and off-line) but also the following ones:

  • The power to monitor any employee’s punch-in/punch out time in real time, checking the employee’s actual status at any moment
  • The opportunity to manage an unlimited number of working shifts and schedule specific time slots for different needs (mandatory presence, optional presence, breaks, overtime, etc.) on a daily basis.
  • The ability to apply a weighing factor to different hours of the working day so as to better define the total day productivity
  • Simple and flexible handling of holidays, staff leaves and staff unavailability
  • The possibility to set up a fine-tuning  of the personnel absences (whether on personal, medical or other grounds) enabling the employer to work out effortlessly the balance of social contributions due by each of the parts
  • The ability to produce a number of precise reports (statistics, balance, calculations, etc.) in any exportable Office or PDF format. The reports can also be automatically email forwarded to each employee. Finally, any employee can check his own balance of worked hours versus untaken leave directly on the punch-in device
  • The possibility to synchronize the timetable with different time sources, such as the company’s server, Internet, Usb atomic clock, etc.

Technical features

The RisTime package consists  in two units, the hardware access control terminal and the software program for central management.


  • Intel and Windows7/8 embedded processor system
  • Touchscreen  with 7-10″ sizes
  • RJ45, Wi-fi, 3G (optional ; allows remote punching in/out when the company network is unavailable
  • Multi-protocol Rfid (Radio Frequency Identification) cards reader for cards as: ISO 14443 type A & B, MIFARE, FeliCa, HID, LEGIC, NFC, iButton, …
  • Biometric readers, optional
  • Optical scanner with frontal webcam, optional
  • Ready for further expansion and connection to optional Usb peripheral such as barcode readers
  • Powered by POE (Power over Ethernet) or 220V power supply

Central management program

  • Simple and easy installation and update process
  • Multilingual program (languages: Italian, German, French, English)
  • Multiuser access
  • Latest generation graphics with all Drag&Drop functions enabled plus pop-up menus
  • Global and personal (for single user) parameters setup
  • Developed according to the latest technologies which allow easy interfacing with other programs

RisTime factsheet

Download the RisTime factsheet PDF (1’731 kB)