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RisPlan web

RisPlan web

Risnova’s web module enhances significantly RisPlan’s functions.

HR Managers, Supervisors

  • access online real-time information on your workforce planned shifts, within and without your company
  • receive requests from your workforce (for leave, illness, refunds)
  • acknowledge, then approve or deny them with a click, even at different organizational levels and add them immediately within your shiftplanner
  • work more efficiently: share your resources’ shifts information with other managers or workteams


  • online access to personal shifts, constantly updated
  • send in requests for holidays, days off, refunds from within the system, with just one click
  • customizable personal shifts/roster or holiday printouts Shiftsplanning, days off and vacation scheduling always available and updated

All data is synchronized with the RisPlan central database and can be exported in many file formats towards different applications: HR, Payroll, etc.
Approved requests and changes appear in the main scheduler thus immediately updating the records of each employee who filed them.

Brochure RisPlanweb

Download the RisPlanweb brochure in PDF (747 kB)